Marloes Nydam is a Dutch contemporary artist who embraces her art with a vulnerable passion, considering the woman as her muse. Her lifelong fascination with creation and art has led her to develop a unique signature, making her works distinctive and enchanting. Every element of her artwork carries the intensity of her passion. 


Her artworks are more than just visual compositions; they are an invitation to experience the beauty and power of women. Marloes paints female portraits that seem to delve into the soul. The palette knife is her indispensable tool, allowing her to create thick textures that give her paintings a tangible dimension. Through the layered nature of her work, she invites touch, encouraging experiencing art with all the senses. 


In a world where masculine energy often dominate, Marloes, with her art, brings a balanced pendant. Her female portraits radiate both vulnerability and strength, and her work feels like a tribute to the unique beauty of women. With each layer of paint and color, she captures and expresses the essence of femininity. 


Marloes’ art is not just a visual delight; it is an invitation to introspection and reflection. Each painting tells a story, a story that the viewer may fill in with their own experiences and emotions. Her work forms a symbiosis between her own emotion as an artist and the interpretation of the viewer, giving each artwork a unique meaning. 


With her use of materials such as repurposed denim fabrics, gold leaf, copper leaf, and rust effects, she adds a sense of luxury to her work.

Her work is praised by art lovers and collectors around the world and is included in the collections of leading galleries.

"Art is not my way of life. It's who I am.''